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Laser Acne Treatment in Nashville, TN

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What is a Laser Acne Treatment?

Acne is a condition that can impact anyone at any age. Patients who suffer from acne generally have painful blemishes or infected lumps on their face, back, chest, arms, and even legs. It can considerably affect your life, not just from a cosmetic standpoint, but from a psychological one, too. If you have tried medications, ointments, or vitamins but nothing seems to provide relief, acne laser treatment may be an excellent option for you. Following their sessions, many of our patients notice vast improvements and are thrilled with the outcomes. Brentwood Skin Clinic is thrilled to offer advanced laser solutions that help diminish active acne or the discoloration from acne by using the Harmony XL PRO. We encourage you to reach out and schedule a session to learn how this treatment can benefit you.

A personalized laser acne treatment in Nashville, TN at Brentwood Skin Clinic offers results that creams, medications, and cleansers often cannot, including:

  • Killing acne-causing bacteria
  • Diminishing acne scars and pitting
  • Reducing acne outbreaks
  • Stimulating collagen production
  • Supporting skin health
  • Improving the skin's overall appearance
  • Treatments can be customized for your unique needs
  • Safe and effective for most skin types
  • Treatments are fast and easy

Patients of all ages can suffer from mild to severe, painful acne. Nashville, TN individuals who live with cystic acne usually have painful in-grown hairs, blackheads, or clogged pores that appear on different areas of the body. Laser acne technology is a great choice for people who have tried different options, like medications, topical creams, or cleansers. It can help individuals achieve prettier, clearer, and healthier skin by preventing painful blackheads and acne. Our group offers the newest, cutting-edge Harmony XL PRO platform that usually works great on most skin tones with proven results. Throughout your first visit, our skin care professionals will carefully examine your skin and acne to see if you are a likely fit for this technology.

Laser Acne Treatment FAQ

How much does laser acne treatment cost?
The price of laser-assisted acne treatment may depend on the number of sessions included in your unique treatment program. During the planning phases, we will evaluate the quality of your skin and recommend the number of sessions you should have to achieve the results you want.

How is laser acne treatment done?

Our team will consult with you to determine what combination of laser-based treatments will benefit you the most. With Harmony XL Pro we can treat active acne as well as the discoloration and scarring resulting from previous acne inflammation.

How long will my results last?
Improvements after laser acne treatment are different for each person. Considering laser acne removal targets current blemishes, you will have to get follow-up treatments if your acne starts to flare up.

Doctor treated me two years ago and I am still very grateful!! because I thought that I would never be able to get rid of acne on my face and I would never be able to show my face well!! with much love your patient yessica lozano!!

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